Q: Will 4 Play Amusements be involved in the new Illinois VLT (gamming) terminals?

A: You bet!!

Q: Does 4 Play Amusements have minimums on their equipment?

A: We do not have minimums on any of our equipment.

Q: Does 4 Play Amusements use a contract for new locations?

A: Because of the large investment in setting new locations we do use a location agreement, the agreement runs for 2 years, 3-5 years for large locations.

Q: What area does 4 Play Amusements service?

A: We service the greater Chicagoland area.

Q: What kind of turn around time can I expect if a game breaks at my location?

A: We are service orientated, almost all of our repairs are answered and the problem corrected within 3 hours of receiving the call.

Q: Does 4 Play Amusements only visit my location when there is a service problem or when it's time to collect the money?

A: 4 Play Amusements is a service orientated company, therefore your location will be visited at least once a week, the visit consist of checking all equipment and addressing any concerns. 

Q: How does the location receive their portion of the game revenue?

A: No smoke and mirrors here. We count the money in front of a authorized location representative and the location is paid cash on the spot.

Q: Is 4 Play Amusements able to handle redemption locations?

A: We are the leader in redemption centers, we love redemption.


A new location was shocked after the first collection, it was $600.00 more than the last collection was with their old company (a well established Chicago amusement company).  A short time later they recommended us to another location looking for a new operator, we signed them on during our first meeting.

A location we have had for 6 years told us that 4 Play Amusements was the best company he has ever dealt with period.

A pizza parlor of ours said he wished all the companies he dealt with had the same dedication to service as we do.

A new facility with 3 locations in the Chicago area was shocked at our service, and they had a publicly traded company before we took over!

2013, 4 Play Amusements, Inc.